Monday, December 5, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update no longer keeping default print server settings with Canon ImagePress C800/C700 G100 Firey server

My users have a need to frequently print to our Canon C800 with different default settings.  And while you can create different Presets in the G100 Firey Driver this would require the user to always click print, select the Canon C800 printer, click properties (wait a few seconds for the driver to pop up) and select a different preset then click ok and click ok again to print.

To get around this I simply installed the printer multiple times on one of our Windows 2008 R2 servers and gave each instance of the driver a unique name specific to the task.  Such as C800 Color for general print jobs.  C800 Labels for printing labels that pull from a different drawer and use face up reverse order deliver or C800 Carbonless for print jobs that print on carbon-less paper and get double stapled at the top.

So for each custom printer drive I setup, I install it on the Windows 2008 R2 server and then go to printer properties and click on printer defaults and configure all of the options.  Then when the user installs the printer from the server those defaults go with it.

Everything was fine with this setup when running Windows 7.  It still continued to work after upgrading our workstations to Windows 10.  However as workstations started receiving the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) I started having trouble where all of the customized print drivers no longer had the customizations and instead went back to the standard defaults for the machine.  Initially, the only way I could fix the issue was go in to the installed printer on the users local machine and change the settings under preferences since print defaults is not available because they are non-administrative users.  However this was less than ideal situation because it required a lot of manual intervention after installing the printer.

After searching around I eventually found a Microsoft Support document KB3201130 ( which detailed the issue I was having.  I carefully followed the steps in the document however IT DID NOT RESOLVE THE ISSUE.  The customized driver default still would not carry down to the local workstation.

The ultimate solution is that you must log in to a workstation running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) as a user that has administrative rights to the printer on the server.  Then go and install that particular network printer on the local workstation machine from the server.  Once it is installed open the printer's properties and you will see that it installed missing your customized printer settings.  Now go to the Advanced tab and click Printing Defaults (which you should be allowed to do since you are logged in as an administrative user) and configure the printer the way you want it.

Now you should be able to go and delete the printer and re-add it to the workstation and you should see the settings come over just fine.  Configuring the printer in this manner will also work for your users not running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  I would like to note that I did have a couple of machines not running the Anniversary Update complain that the driver was not up to date and I had to delete the printer and re-add it but otherwise it worked perfectly.

I hope this helps others out there facing the same issue.  If it is of help to you please leave me a comment and let me know.  Thank you.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

iText / iTextSharp Presentation for MSDevWNY User Ggroup

On November 10th 2015 I presented on iTextSharp for the MSDevWNY User Group.

The meeting was held at Campus Linc (25 John Glenn Drive #102, Amherst NY)

I presented a demo Web Forms application I created.  I showed how to create PDF files entirely in code.  I will also show how to take an existing PDF Form and fill it out using the C# version of the Java iText library known as iTextSharp.  I also show how to generate PDF's from within an MVC Application.

The original meetup post is available here.

I have also created a custom iText / iText Sharp Point Ruler to help you when taking measurements for a document you are creating with iText. If you were in attendance at the meeting you would have received one.

 If you were unable to attend you can still download and print your own Point Ruler. This ruler is designed to be printed on 12" x 18" cardstock paper. When printing be sure Adobe Reader is set to print in actual size without scaling (Otherwise the ruler will not be accurate). If you are unable to print on paper that large simply print the ruler on as big a sheet of paper as you can.

I am including a Single ruler version as well as a version that allows you to print 5 rulers at a time.

iText / iText Sharp Point Ruler Single Print
iText / iText Sharp Point Ruler Multiple Print

Here are links to my PowerPoint slides and sample application:

iText / iTextSharp PowerPoint Presentation
iTextSharp Demo Application VS 2015 Solution

If you have any questions or comments about my presentation please feel free to leave me a comment below.